Monday, January 31, 2011

Photos of the Champ Bump

So I finally got about a thousand photos off my camera. There were some on there from BEFORE Thanksgiving.....I should have never gotten the bigger memory card; it just makes me lazy about downloading (let alone printing) photos!

Anyways, without making you wait any longer, here are photos:

This one is from the beginning of November 2010, there is just a slight bump:

This one is From after Thanksgiving; clearly I ate well-the bump is much bigger here:

This is from the beginning of January 2011; ignore the dirty mirror. Clearly I have loved having all the holiday food around me while I wear stretchy pants:

Here is an awesome front one photo from the last week of January:

The belly, side view at the end of January 2011 (that is Emily petting Champ on her last day hanging out with us):

So, don't I look cute?  The best part is that NOW we can watch my belly move and roll around as the baby moves and kicks-it is really the coolest thing ever. Not much longer, only 72 days to my due date! Yay!


Andrea said...

You are super cute! You do pregnancy so well, I swear you're like the happiest pregnant lady I know. You're a pro!

Caitlin said...

You have such a cute bump! I'm really really jealous; I just look like I need to cut back on the cookies :) I'm with Andrea, you're such a great pregnant lady.

Jenn said...

You look super cute, and Im enjoying the photo montage of all my maternity clothes! lol Makes me reminisce...