Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Parts of Being Pregnant

For the overwhelming 99% of the time, I LOVE being pregnant. But I do have to admit, the last few months do get tiring-and not just because I'm crazy and always have my kids and neighborhood kids playing at my house-being this large and off balance is just tiring in general.

I remember coming home for work when I was pregnant with Little Dude and being exhausted. But back then (almost 5 years ago...goodness!) I could just put my feet up and watch "A Baby Story".

Now, I do get some down time during naps/quiet time, but usually that is the time I use to clean up a bit, start dinner plans, catch up on work, and hold my work calls. So, yea, there isn't much time for "resting".

This week and next I am watching my neighbor's boys, ages 7 and 5, while they are sill on track out. Oh, and I also have Emily and my boys, as well. Then at the end of January, all the kids will be back at school or starting daycare.

I'll go from a couple of weeks of keeping 5 kids happy(mostly), fed(wow), and alive(yay!), to suddenly only having my own two boys. The really crazy thing? Only having JR while Little Dude is in his morning preschool class twice a week.

I'm really going to miss having Emily, and in a way I will miss the fun of playing with older kids (Star Wars Monopoly is SO much better when everyone can follow the rules and definitely beats out playing hungry hippos for the 100th time....).

But GOSH, it is REALLY going to feel so amazingly wonderful to sleep in on the first of February. It might even feel so great that I take a nap later in the afternoon, too.

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