Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back To Blogging

Awhile back, I forgot to renew my domain, and lost it, which made me feel really sad about blogging. I lost a lot of my readers, and my feedburner information was all messed up-and the thought of going through and trying to contact each and every individual follower I had once had was just an overwhelming thought.

Enough, that really I have slacked off on blogging here the last few months.

But you know, it hit me the other day, that in a way, this was a very freeing slip up.

I don't have people bugging me to do reviews, or sending me stuff I just have to send back if I don't want to review, or even mess with trying to keep up with deadlines to get writing projects in.

I'm back to blogging for me, and my family, which is what this whole blog started as 4 years ago. And that makes me super duper happy.

I think I only have a handful of regular readers now(and one is my adorable husband) and I'm really not feeling so stressed about trying to get my ranking up, or my SEO all hyper active in Google.

This year, there is a re-defined purpose to my blog-to get back to the basics of why I started writing. As a way to meet people, as a way to chronicle the changing years of my children, and as a fun outlet for me.

Even though I am a little sad I definitely won't get tickets to the Thomas Theater Show, or Disney On Ice, or get paid trips to Blogging Conferences in Disney World, I am pretty happy to be back to writing purely for me.

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Lora @ Motherhood Moments said...

I'm glad I found you again!! I saw a tweet from you this morning and realized I hadn't seen any of your posts in my Google Reader recently. So I clicked on your blog and it said it wasn't found, but with some Googling, I found this page. I wanted to let you know that I tried to add it to my Reader and it said the feed isn't found, so I don't know if that's something you haven't set up yet? But I subscribed by email anyway, so I should be able to keep up with you now! :)