Friday, January 14, 2011

The Acid Reflux

There is one thing I don't enjoy about my pregnancies-acid reflux. I even have a more sinister type of acid reflux called "silent reflux". That means the acid actually comes up into my mouth, burns my throat, and causes damage to my voice box and whatever that little flap of skin is called that helps with your swallowing.

The damage I've had over my previous two pregnancies is/was BAD. I was at the point where I couldn't swallow, my throat just wouldn't work in unison to push food down. So it would it in my throat until so much saliva and acid build up that it would just come back up.

Not quite as gross as throwing up stomach contents, at least to me, but still, pretty gross. More really on the embarrassing side, because I never know when it might hit, and it has hit me a few times at the mall-once when I was out with my sister in law while I was pregnant with JR. I didn't make it to the bathroom and had to throw up in a trash can in the food court. I was completely mortified.

The good thing is that there is medicine I can take that controls it and has really made all my acid problems go away.

The bad thing is that you can't take it while you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Thus far in my pregnancy with Champ, I haven't had any problems. Until last night. Then I made the mistake of trying to eat some spicy sausage and I guess the spicy-ness set off my acid. I have been struggling to swallow since dinner last night and STILL can't keep anything down, even water.

And I am a bit anxious, which I have found makes it worse, because I am supposed to have lunch with a friend today.

If I can't get my throat to work by then, there is no way I can go eat in public and risk having to suddenly run to the bathroom.


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