Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Tummy

So I have about a zillion pictures on my camera, patiently waiting to be loaded onto my computer and then shared on here. Why must they wait there? Because I am lazy. The camera is upstairs in my bag; the computer is downstairs.

You can see how this is just a logistical problem.

Eventually, I will remember to grab the camera out of my bag and bring it downstairs with me.

Anyways, I have some super cute tummy pictures I want to share-or at least save in one spot for quick view by family and friends (and me!).

And when I say cute, I do mean it. I seriously have the cutest pregnant tummy in the entire world. No stretch marks, and perfect curvy-ness. Can you tell I love being pregnant? I do.

I absolutely love my body when I'm pregnant. I almost wish I could just have the big belly the whole entire time, because really, this is the most fun part for me.

I feel absolutely gorgeous and glamorous in pregnant clothes and I just love showing off the tummy. And I don't really feel quite that way when I'm not. I guess in a way, part of the adoration I have for my cute belly is the fact that all my curves and lumps are quite expected, natural, and considered so beautiful by everyone, myself included.

I'll have to work hard on keeping the body euphoria going, even after Champ comes, though I will probably do what I've done after the last two pregnancies and just go crazy making sure I work the weight off (breastfeeding helps like crazy) and then still poke and prod my lumpy belly with a sigh.

So, I have roughly 90 days left to enjoy the freedom of not sucking in, and walking with my belly proudly stuck out. And all the work I'll have to do after? Oh so totally worth it for the cute little guy I know is cooking in there.

I swear I'll get photos at some point. Eventually.


Lora @ Motherhood Moments said...

I'm the same way! One of the first things I said when I got dressed for the first time after having our daughter was, "Oh no! Now I have to suck it in again!"

Miche said...

Oh I know, that period right after the baby comes is always the worst. We need to figure out a way to train our belly's to pop back in as quickly as the pop out after multiple kids...:)

Caitlin said...

I am jealous that you have a cute bump. I would love a cute bump. However, at 16 weeks, I don't look so much pregnant as pudgy.

I'm really ready for it to be obvious that I haven't really been eating too many cookies, but I am in fact having a baby (or at least, that being the justification for too many cookies). I can't wait to see your bump!

Miche said...

Oh don't worry, it really takes me til about 20 or so to start "looking" pregnant-or at least pregnant enough that people aren't scared to ask and I start to finally fill out maternity clothes nicely.

We need to live closer to each other. Sigh. Maybe in Feb. we can get out there and us girls can go walk around window shopping or something while the guys tackle the boys... :)