Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year, 2011

Do you know, that THIS year, will be 10 years that my sweet husband and I have been together?

Amazing and awesome, I know!

We have had such grand adventures, and while it feels like we just met not long ago, at the same time it seems as though we have been together forever. It is a wonderful feeling to have.

And this year, we will welcome our third son, our little Champ, into the world, for that I am SO very excited.

I've got the nursery pretty much done, and the bassinet is patiently waiting by our bed with a few outfits I am debating as his coming home gear.

100 more days and he will be here. It is getting really exciting now that we all (the boys included) can sit and watch my belly move. Little Dude and JR get a huge kick out of feeling their brother move around. I am so excited to see them all play together; our three little musketeers.

We were lame for New Years, and spent most of the day either working (me) or doing construction in our basement for the new pantry (Bill). And by the time we go the kids all settled and into bed after watching "Despicable Me" (awesome movie, by the way) we realized our cable box wasn't working.

So we sat up and talked about years past and years to come, and ended up going to bed right before midnight.

While not at all exciting, at the same time, I think it was one of my favorite New Years.

Though it does figure that I tried unplugging and plugging in the cable box ONE LAST TIME this morning before heading over to Time Warner Cable and demanding a new box, and it started up like nothing was ever wrong. Even though we had plugged and unplugged it a zillion times throughout the weekend. Now I am debating if I want to still go get another box, or just skip it and go with the working box, since that would mean not having to take everyone out with me. Hmmmm.

I hope everyone had a safe, peaceful, wonderful New Years, and enjoy the year to come.

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