Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rolling Eyes

Little Dude has been showing a little attitude lately-not all the time,and nothing horrible, but just enough to irratate Bill and me a bit.

This morning we were talking about the kids and laughing at their latest antics, when I brought up how Little Dude has started sighing and rolling his eyes when he gets annoyed.

Then to my annoyance, Bill started laughing.

Because, he said, Little Dude was ME.

It seems, unbeknown to me, that I sigh and look to heaven when I get annoyed.

So, today, I am making an extra effort to make sure I DON'T let myself get annoyed and behave like that, because, surely if it irritates me to see Little Dude do it, it must irritate others when I do it to them, right? And if I have ever done it to you, I SWEAR I didn't realize I was doing it and I am sorry.

Yet another lesson I have learned from my kids.

And a good note to me-I must remember little eyes and ears are closely watching so they can mimic my every move, good AND bad.


Caitlin said...

Hahaha, that's adorable. I know it's irritating, but it's funny at the same time. They'll love things like that when they are adults...I catch myself doing/saying things that are an exact mirror of my's fun :)

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