Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I love having kids-love it like crazy-but there are moments when it is really hard.

Like when I am trying to work and everyone wants to sit in my lap. It is incredibly hard to type copy when everyone is in my lap.

Or when I FINALLY get to sit down and eat, everyone comes running wanting some of my food, because, after all, they didn't get enough just a few minutes before at their lunch. This is the reason all the baby weigh has come off-I just never get to eat a meal.

Or like when all three go bonkers on me when we are running errands. That is always awesome, because then everyone is looking at me and I feel pressure to do something, though I have no idea what....I sometimes wish the people staring at me as all three run circles around the grocery cart would just tell me what they want me to do, or else move along their business.

And like, when sometimes, the kids grab stuff from the counter, resulting in strawberries and strawberry JUICE all over the dinning room carpet, or pour syrup all over the table and chairs, or somehow get green finger pain on the couches. (And miraculously, baby wipes got all of that clean...)I yelled a lot strawberry disaster day . And then felt so incredibly guilty afterward (especially after it all came clean with some scrubbing) that I got the kids ice cream.

On the flip side though?

None of that matters. Who cares if my house is messy, or the kids are covered in dirt and eating something that looks like a worm?

The snuggles, the kisses, pleases and thank yous, and the little voices and toys scattered everywhere; that is what matters and makes all the crazy parts melt away.

Eventually these years will pass, and busy teens will take over, so even as I sigh with exhaustion, I have to remember how lucky I am and how wonderful these years are.

Even when the crazy parts include coloring the wall with permanent marker.

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