Monday, July 19, 2010

Potty Training Part 3

So it has been about a month since we started potty training JR, and you can read part 1 and part 2, or read all of my potty training adventures here.

We finally got him pooping in the potty AND a huge break through over the weekend-he is now going to pee on his own!!!*Happy dance, happy dance!*

Bill and I were cleaning the kitchen when JR came in wanting his undies put on, and I immediately assumed he had peed somewhere and wanted new undies. However, much to our surprise, he said he had peed in the potty, and took us back there to show us. Yippiee! NO PEE ON THE FLOOR OR CLOTHES!!

If you ever potty train a child, you will appreciate the caps.

Anyways, we are doing great. We even went to see Toy Story 3 over the weekend, and JR took one potty break in the middle of the movie.

So, overall, here are my tips:

*Get a cheap potty, the big fancy ones aren't worth it-all the bells and noise and lights become toys and that is the last thing I want my kids playing with.

*For boys, the frog potty and the sea turtle ring I mention in part 2 above are PERFECT. the shields are huge and high so pee doesn't go all over the floor now matter how they sit and move, and the seat part is one piece, so no crevices to clean. Quick and easy. Nice

*A few treats in the beginning (we did chocolate) really helped motivate wanting to sit on the potty (and poop), but as it became obvious the potty stuff was clicking, we have started backing off on treats.

*I keep a frog potty in my car, so when running errands, I make JR use it before going into a store. So far he has only peed while out an about; however, I do have some bags and wipes on hand should he poop.

*To protect car seats, I have a puppy house training pad folded to cover the seat area. I think a 20 pack of pads at Pet Smart were $10. I also have one under the potty I keep in the car, just in case there is a spill (which I haven't had yet-usually after using the car potty I discretely dump the pee onto a patch of grass near the store, which I hunt out far from the store and other cars partly to provide JR some privacy and to not gross anyone out when I dump the pee)

*Start boys out sitting; it is much easier and cleaner.

And on that topic, if you have older boys that are standing, then you may end up with a two year old that wants to stand, as well.

If you have any idea on how to help with that, let me know.

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Alexandra said...

keeping a potty in the car is a great idea! I never thought of that. We just hoping there were no accidents. lol