Thursday, July 1, 2010

Potty Training Part Two

Yesterday I talked about Potty Training JR, and you can read all my Potty Training successes and nightmares, if you happen to be starting potty training, or just want to laugh at me.

If you are starting potty training, just remember, your child will do exactly the opposite of what you expect at the worst of moments just 'cause he can. It is the sworn pact of childhood to spring surprise behavior like that, you know.

For me, I think that a bit part of successful potty training is having the right seat for your child (and you, none of us want to clean up messes). I have tried 5 seats, ranging in high price to low price, fancy and musical to just simple, and I have to tell you, of all the seats I have tried, this one is my VERY favorite.

Especially for boys, because the head of the frog is the PERFECT "splash guard" and it CANT COME OFF. That is my huge complaint with all the other ones-even the very expensive ones. The shield either wasn't tall enough and my boys would pee over it, or the shield would break off after a few tugs from the kids. The musical ones just added another "toy" I had to keep batteries in, and instead of getting to "business" all the kids would be in there playing with the potty-not using it. The ones with the roller for toilet paper? Very cute idea, but that lead to a whole role of toilet paper being used to decorate the bathroom.

So now another pointer-keep the toilet paper out of reach.

The froggy potty was the cheapest, at only $14.00 from Wal-Mart. This seat is sturdy, durable plastic, the inner blue part (they have pink too, if you have daughters or just prefer pink) comes out easily to dump in the toilet and wash out in the sink (or with your handy diaper sprayer). I keep a second seat just like this in the back of the car to pull out for potty breaks between errands or when a clean bathroom is just not nearby.

If you DON'T have room for a seat on the floor, then I will share that FOR BOYS all the general seats you can get at Target, Wal-Mart and Toys R Us SUCK. They are awful.

They all have flimsy plastic shields that just fall off, or, like the little Diego themed one we bought not long ago, the shield is too short, so unless the boys know to "point down" then the pee just goes all over the plastic seat-and into the crevices where the plastic seat and plastic outside snap together, and then run onto the floor. Nice. My oldest knows to point down, now, but during potty training, that usually takes a bit of practice to get; which stinks, (hahaha) because I'm stuck cleaning all the spills.

Then I came across this one:
It is super cheap at only $10.00-so I ordered it. I am really hopeful the "turtle head" shield works great and is tall like the frog head-thus ensuring no "splash over" onto my floor.

What I'm most excited about is that it is all one piece. Trust me, the different pieced seats only lead to groves and holes and PLACES where pee WILL end up-and then it stinks and you have to scrub at it with bleach and it is just a pain. With a three year old and two two year olds around all day, I need simple, and one hard plastic piece for quick rinse off and this one looks GREAT for the job.

So I will let you know how I like it; it should actually get here later today or tomorrow. Yippiee!

And that concludes today's edition on potty training two year olds.

The Froggy Potty and Turtle Training Seat are both by Fisher -Price and this was NOT a paid or compensated review. I got the potty from Wal-Mart and the seat I ordered from Amazon. I have bought every single potty with my own money and thought I would share with you the one I loved and what I hated about others. If you are really interested, leave a comment below with your email and I'll tell you specifically what other seats I had tried and hated and why, otherwise I won't completely bad mouth a product just because it didn't work for me or my kids-the same product might work great for your family. These are just my thoughts and ideas and I am in no way an expert, just a mom.

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Simpson5 Family Blog said...

I agree the Froggy Potty is the best. My Son took a long time to potty train but once I got the Froggy Potty it was easy after that. I do not know what it is about this potty, but several of my friends have used it as well and it works. I recommend this potty to everyone.