Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What To Do

I was recently invited to join a playgroup-a playgroup I had been hoping to join for almost a year now because the moms are all so amazing and awesome-but I felt lame asking to join, so I waited for an invite.

A few months ago-after always meeting these cool ladies at the parks and hanging out with them in groups of one or two at a time, they extended an invitation to me to get on their group mailing list for play dates. Yippiee!

But then, I went to one of the group play dates-where everyone showed up. And though there are only about 12 Moms in the group, and they are all awesome and fun, I noticed there is also a lot of drama and complaining. And most of the kids aren't the kindest of playmates.

Some of the kids are ridiculously whinny and rough. I figured maybe it was because we were the new kids. I was the new one to the group; even though my sons had been around most of everyone before, we hadn't actually met up with the whole group.

And I discovered that what I had wanted before, is actually not what I want at all. I'm debating if I should stop going to outings with them, or if I should not worry about the other kid's behavior-after all, once Little Dude starts preschool this fall I won't be able to control his friends.

Hmmm, what to do...


Karen said...

The grass is always greener.... Isn't it?!?

Good luck figuring out what to do. I guess as a parent, that debate between exposure/shelter starts early these days!

Alexandra said...

Personally I would stop going. The difference between these play dates and school is the kids at school will be diciplined for their behavior and your son will see that. We stopped going to a playdate after just a few weeks for the same reasonl. I didn't want my son to learn that he wouldn't get in trouble if he threw or hit. But at school he would. Does that make sense?

good luck!!

rachel... said...

I'm getting to this late, so I wonder what you decided to do?

I have gone back and forth on joining a Moms' group like this. Sometimes I feel like I need to get out more and meet new friends, and then other times I see the way so many "other" kids behave and I want to hole up in my house forever!