Friday, April 23, 2010

I Lost A Spring

I've got a confession to make: I've lost some of my pep. My spring. My ENERGY.

I'm dead on my feet and want to sleep all.the.time.

But three little ones always find other things for me to do-get juice, change diapers, fix meals, clean up sticky something somewhere. You know, the usual.

Except I really just feel so incredibly run down and out of gas. Even now I had to make myself sit here and come up with a post to share (and even then, all I can do is share how tired I am). I don't know what is wrong with me-or that anything is wrong beyond just having two two year olds and one three year old all day through the week, a part time work from home job, and ever increasingly busy weekends.

Perhaps I have uncovered the problem (thank you, blog)-perhaps I just need some alone time.

And I guess I could say I am looking forward to Mother's Day, but in a way I'm not. Because you know what I would REALLY like to do? Disappear for a day and have no kids around. And not change any diapers. And maybe read a book.

But that seems like a kinda dumb way to spend Mother's Day-after all, shouldn't you be AROUND your kids on that day?

So, cue the guilt I'm feeling for feeling like I could use a break, but really, there has to be a way to convince three little kids they DON'T need to have CONSTANT physical contact with me EVERY SECOND. I can't even think of the last time I pooped alone, and that is just a bit annoying. (Though on a side note, I think watching me has JR and Emily ready to try pooping on the little potty, so that is a plus).

Alright, I'm off to drink more coffee and then clean up the coloring they just did on themselves instead of the paper I passed out. Niiiiicccceee...


Simpson5 Family Blog said...

I feel that same way. However, I was just able to go to the bathroom by myself,WOW and came up with an idea. I have been biting my husbands head off lately, and most of it is because I do not have time to communicate with him with the children always there. While I was in the bathroom I just came up with an idea. I am going to drop the children off at my husbands parents house and go somewhere close and eat or get ice cream and then of course get back really fast so I can nurse again.
So, let me know if you want to do anything will Bill when Chad is here to help watch them so on weekends and you guys can have some time a lone. I have to go and clean up pee:)Fun Stuff it does not ever end!!

Caitlin said...

I think you should come up here on a weekend to do some shopping with me. For serious.

In reality though, I don't think its silly to go away for mothers day. My mom is beach bound. Moms seem to give give give give all the time, and if you don't take some you time to recharge and fill up your tank, it's not fun for you or them.

Christa said...

Don't feel guilty about that! I only have one little one right now and I know how you feel, I'm constantly running on empty (I also take care of my 3 1/2 year old brother and my 2 year old sister during the day) and I'm just exhausted. My Mom who has 7 always says that the best way to spend Mother's Day is with the kids for lil while Daddy takes care of everyone and then she wants to go get away from it all for a little. I think that's a normal feeling. It's great being a mother but for us (more so than Dad's) it's 24/7 and we need a break! and NOT just on mother's day!