Friday, April 9, 2010


JR has words coming faster and faster now. His list includes words with rather enchanting Antonio Bandaris sounding r's, like "trrrrruck" and "rrrrrink" for drink. He has "Mama", "Dada", his brother's name, his name, "Papa" for grandpa, and "Mapa" for grandma.

There is also: Ice, aqua, car, choo cho (for train), eat, cheese, food, cupcake, ummy (yummy), ooooda (yoda-encouraged by all the neighborhood boy's obsession with star wars), park, go, stop, mine, me, you, please, yellow, blue, milk, and, of course, NOOOOOO.

Words are coming quickly, and the sign language is starting to end, though when he REALLY wants something he will say PLEASE and sign it at the same time. That is so very cute that is it hard to say no.

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