Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do You Have A Licence for That Light Saber?

Little Dude is slightly obsessed with Star Wars right now. Everything, including food, can transform into a light saber; we've had a few talks about how food can't be a light saber, no matter how powerful his imagination.

Food is for eating. I find myself saying that an awful lot, but I digress.

For the past month or so, Star Wars has been a daily activity here, so much so that just yesterday JR-who is not even 2 yet-was walking around with a toy broom making light saber sounds. "Vmmmmm, Bvmmmmm Shooosh Vmmmmm". Oh yes, the kid is just now starting to talk-when he feels like it, I might add-but he knows how a light saber works. And he can say BLUE when you ask him what color is light saber is. He already picked up on Blue being the color of choice for his brother.

So with all this playing, you would think we had seen the movies a million times, right?


We had not seen the movies even once with the kids. Everything Little Dude and JR know about Star Wars they learned from the neighborhood boys. In fact, the whole reason we decided to watch them was because Little Dude was starting to make up his own plot line to the story and I couldn't figure out what a Tarn Tarn was.

We have made it through the first two and I'm actually looking forward to watching the third (we are talking the original three here) because I think the boys will really dig the bears. I know they are called something else, but that word escapes me at the moment; you know what I mean.

So for the time being, my family is made up of Darth Vader, played by Bill, Princess Leia, played by me, Luke, played by Little Dude and either Yoda aka "O-da" or another Luke, played by JR.

Oh yes, we are quite the characters.


Caitlin said...

They were called Ewoks! For the record, I don't like star wars but I liked the bears. i remember them and Jabba. the end.

Alexandra said...

what a fun game! I love creative play. did you let the boys watch the movie or just you and Bill?

PS - I love Star Wars!! (the origianls)

nancymoo said...

Haha - one of my co-workers' sons are just like that! :D Ewoks are so cute, but warning - there is a pretty sad part where one of them dies. Just a heads up...
Enjoy the movies!! :D

ps - i'm having a boy!!! :D

rachel... said...

Would you believe I've never seen Star Wars, either? My kids have watched the movie with their dad, though, and I'm pretty sure there is a light saber floating around our house somewhere (unless it's been confiscated by me!)

I'm new to your blog and have enjoyed reading today!