Friday, April 30, 2010

Goodbye, Highchair

It has happened. My little JR is no longer little. In fact, he vehemently protested sitting in his highchair at dinner yesterday. He wanted to sit in a regular chair, next to Little Dude.

Even though the highchair has always been between Bill and me, JR decided he was big enough to sit AT the table. Not just near it.

So, we moved him to the table.

I may have shed a few tears in the kitchen while I got everyone drinks.

I really REALLY want a baby-like now!-but something holds me back, as well. Everything is so perfect and great right now-and I am keeping pace with everyone, so I guess I am hesitant to throw some more chaos in here.

But, seeing the empty highchair pushed my baby fever into overdrive. Bill is actually ready for another baby whenever I am, and I know he wants a third, so really the timing is up to me.

And now, the highchair is sitting empty, in the corner.


Simpson5 Family Blog said...

you can borrow my baby or come over and get your baby fever out with Spencer. 3 is a really tough adjustment, however yours will be older than mine and will be able to help out a little more but three is hard to juggle with having a small baby.
I might say different in a couple of weeks give me some time.

rachel... said...

Yay for big boy JR! What a milestone! I liked when my toddler gave up her highchair because it's easier to clean up after her at the table, but now it's harder to keep her contained during mealtime - she's constanly standing up on or climbing down from her chair...

I've got to respectfully disagree with Simpson5. Adjusting to THREE was a BREEZE to me. Honestly, the easiest adjustment I've had. I think MOST of it has to do with the personality of the kids, though. I had a 20 month old at the time my third was born and he was a pretty easy toddler, and the newborn third was a very easy baby. NOW (at five!) I have a 20 month old and a newborn, but it's HARD. Different kids, though. Very different personalities.

I say GO FOR IT! You'll never ever regret having a baby. And you have LOTS of time before #3 will be in that highchair!