Thursday, April 29, 2010

Swinging Hammers

We have lived in our house almost 6 years now, and I must say it is quite a different place from the one Bill bought 7 years ago. We've painted, we've landscaped, we've finished the downstairs. I even surprised Bill in a huge way by tearing apart and painting the kitchen one day a few years ago.

That was the kind of stuff that would happen when my preschool had spring break. I think Bill is glad I am too busy to get ambitious about house projects now.

Anyways, a big thing on our list was to fix up the backyard. We love being outside, but our backyard is a MudHole. Well, specifically a MudHole right outside the back door. Grass refuses to grow there and every time it rains the nice muddy slop deposits all the mud right on the patio. Pain In The Butt.

But this summer, we are actually HERE. We aren't in Tennessee, or Alabama, or anywhere else for Bill's work-we get to be HOME. So this summer, is the summer of the backyard. Here is what we are working on and hope to have finished in a few more weekends:

Three weeks ago, we decided to go for it:

We tore up concrete and put in some joists....
Then we stacked out the arms are still sore from digging post holes.
And soon, we will be drinking some wine on our DECK!

We are really hoping to finish installing all the joists this weekend and then NEXT weekend lay the top down. After that? Drink Margaritas. Or Beer, since I don't know how to make Margaritas and I think there is beer in the fridge.

We are finally getting a new screen door on the back, too. Oh yes, that is blue duck tape you see there; the result of an overly active 120 lb German Shepard jumping on it. The door may or may not have been broken for 5 years now....


@sweetbabboo said...

I envy you. A back porch or patio is inching its way up my list.

I love the blue tape. Our back door may or may not have plexiglass where the glass used to be and that plexiglass may or may not have a giant piece of duct tape holding it together due to one overly active 2 year old.

We'd, of course, like to replace it but since our house is OLD (like AARP old), the door is an off-size so we'd have to buy cu$tom.


Alexandra said...

how exciting!!!! I will come make you a margarita one day ;)

Miche said...

Abby-I understand, our door is off standard sizes by a few inches, so it is going to be a custom order too-BOO!

Alexandra-I would LOVE to have margaritas in the backyard with you!