Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter With Kids

This is the first Easter that I feel like Little Dude has really "gotten" what was going on. We have talked about Jesus, and what is going to be celebrated come Easter morning.

And yes, we even saw the creepy mall Easter Bunny and had a disccuson about what the Easter Bunny has to really do with it all. I didn't know quite how to answer that question, since I have often wondered that myself, so I just told Little Dude that he celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus and the coming of Spring by handing out candy. The Easter Bunny, despite being super creepy, got major cool points from Little Dude for the candy part.

And I got out of having to coax Little Dude away from the candy at the grocery store by proclaiming that the Easter Bunny will be bringing candy, so long as the boys are good....I wonder how long I will be able to milk that one? I am still milking Santa whenever questions about new toys come up. I just say, "Put it on your Christmas list..."

I am going to be sad when they out grow that statement; it has served me well. And now I can add the Easter Bunny...oh man! Sometimes I wonder if these characters are truly for the kids, or just great ways for parents to control their kids.....

Either way, I'm excited about Easter this year,especially, and I can not wait for our Easter egg hunt tomorrow. Now let's see if I can keep up with all three kids as they fight a mob of kids for eggs.....

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