Friday, March 19, 2010

Boys Can Play Dress Up, Too

A few of my friends-that don't have boys-have lamented about how I am missing out on dress up time because I don't have a girl.

And sometimes, when I see the sparkling princess dresses on other little girls, I do really wish I could buy one. And sometimes I do, for my little neighbor or the above mentioned friend's little girls.

But let me tell you, boys can play dress up every bit as much as girls. Just in a different way. We don't have princess tea parties-instead we have fires to put out and tree houses to build. And dragons to fight and treasure to bury.

Actually, I am quite surprised with how much the boys love playing dress up. Coming from a house of girls, myself, I just never expected boys to play dress up.

But they do. Or mine do. And it is super fun to spend time getting rescued by my personal fire fighters and home improvement men:


Alexandra said...

my son does too!! we have tons of costume hats that he loves to put on...and he loves to wear my shoes lol

the other lion said...

Halloween costumes from Goodwill are the best! My son loves hats, too.