Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm French at Heart

I'm a band geek, which most of my current friends and blog friends don't realize.

Well, maybe some of my friends realize. I have a nice collection of instruments around my house, and a huge basket of music next to the piano. But I don't know that anyone other than my husband has heard me play.

Anyways, there it is. I'll admit it. I am and was and will always be a band geek. I played in High School, I did marching band, concert band, honors band, competitive local bands, community bands, and at any school play you would find me in a faithful spot under the stage. For summer break I would have DIED to join Carolina Crown, but usually ended up working away the summers (not a bad way to spend it though, my college fund thanked me later).

When I got to college, I fell off a bit. After two years of Marching Band, I'd had enough of the 3 hour class block for one credit. So I quit. Then I quit the Concert Band because, well-they didn't have French Horns. For two years I'd been playing an E Horn and wasn't a huge fan.

Then I didn't play again until we moved to Tennessee, and I stumbled upon a volunteer concert band.

But we moved some more, and finally ended up back here, and I don't know of any local bands that I can join(Please tell me if you happen to know of anything). I wish I could find something like the band I was in at Mars Hill College-we would just get together and site read pieces. It was awesome.

And so, without further ado, a fellow band friend shared this gem with me:

Oh yes, it is JUST French Horns. Oh, I might have died and gone to heaven.

Watching this got me to pick up my French Horn yesterday, and while it sounded atrocious, I am really excited to pick it up again today and see if my chops will last a little longer.

Oh French Horn, how I have missed thee.


baby sling said...

For summer break I would have DIED to join Carolina Crown, but usually ended up working away the summers

nancymoo said...

Miche, your post made my day! I am teaching elementary music now (which I adore) but I am still the geekiest band geek ever. You have inspired me to pick up my flute more. Way to go!! :D