Thursday, October 8, 2009

Working From Home

Today, we spent forever at the park, and I think I met Little Dude's first girlfriend. She was absolutely cuteness, his age, and held his hand as they played.

Her Grandma and I hit it off pretty fast, and exchanged numbers so we can get together next week. I think we might have to set up a betrothal, because I am in love with this little girl's HUGE brown eyes. The two of them playing had me melting-HUGE brown eyes next to my son's HUGE blue eyes. Oh, goodness.

I'm trying to catch up on work, and I think I might just get it all done before it is due tomorrow AND before I have to leave to pick Bill up from the airport tonight.

I am super excited to show Bill all the things I got done in the two weeks since he has been gone:

*I painted our bedroom-SO in love with it now! I will have to find a before picture so I can show you a now picture. Humongous project I did one night when I couldn't sleep. I still can't believe I did it all and got all the furniture back in place.
*I started purging through STUFF to get together for a yard sell. I've done pretty well, but honestly I think the pile of stuff in our laundry room will drive me crazy before I can get through everything for a yard sell-so I might just end up taking it to Good Will one day.
*I re-did the boy's bathroom so it looks more like a boy's bathroom. The lovely purple, green and gold butterfly theme I had going in there from back when we first got married still worked, but it seemed like time to get a boy look in there. Esp since two boys are now sharing it and it can no longer be considered the "guest bathroom". The new stuff is super cute, thanks to Target; not really a "kid" look, yet nice and boyish and still matches the mustard yellow tile in there. I'll have to get a picture of that project too.
* Cleaned the pantry-that was a mess.
*Cleaned the guest room, though now it is full of things I'm hiding from family for Christmas. Bill, your stuff isn't in there, so don't bother looking-I found another hiding place for your things!
*Cleaned our bathroom and cleaned out under the sink. I found three unopened bottles of Listerine, nice!
*I got up IN the ATTIC and got our Halloween stuff down. AND set it all up in the yard. I must say, we have the coolest Halloween yard on the block. LOVE Halloween. And I added some cool Disney themed light up pumpkins to the decor this year. Oh, Halloween, how I love thee.

I can't wait to show Bill; I know he will be so proud of all the work I've done! And I can't wait for him to just BE here, yay!


@sweetbabboo said...

Wow, you're a busy busy woman. When you run out of things there, head on over here. I have a bedroom that I'd like to have painted.


Stephanie said...

You go girl! I don't think I could have done as much as you did...awesome!

Catherine Anne said...

Go you! I need to get up and work on my list!

Alexandra said...

I am impressed!! can you come over and work on my house now?

casual friday every day said...

You worked hard! I love super productive days like that.