Monday, October 5, 2009

Washing Away

It is raining, and it looks like it will be dreary all day, so I am glad now we spent so much time outside yesterday just having fun. We got amazingly muddy, we played with the neighbors, we turned some old inside toys into outside toys by letting them into the sand box, we colored the patio with a rainbow of chalk, and nothing around the house got done.

I even ended up having to stay up WAY too late to catch up on my job, but it was all worth it.

Because it looks like today we will be indoor bound, and perhaps watching a Disney movie while I do more work. And wash a humongous pile of laundry. Then fold it (maybe). And sweep the floor. And the bathrooms are crying for attention...

But I never mind days like today-when all I do is clean, work, and get caught up on the house-if they follow wonderful, fun and free days like yesterday. I had so much fun playing with the boys outside all day yesterday that I am almost excited about tackling the laundry. Almost.

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casual friday every day said...

Work, work, work... it seems like it's never done, eh? ;)