Monday, October 19, 2009

A Lesson In Death

Rest in Peace, Red.

Red, our fish, has passed.

His death actually occurred a month ago, but I am just now getting around to writing about it. Why did he die? Not really sure, all I can tell you is that he had not had his water changed in 3 weeks (I'll blame unpacking from the move for my lazy-ness), it was getting GROSS, so I changed it into nice, clean water that I had treated and had set out to get to room temp for two days.

The next morning our dear Red was floating upside down, though luckily I noticed before I let Little Dude feed him.

So then the debate started-how to tell Little Dude. I called Bill, and we discussed the options. Buy a new fish and try to make the switcher-roo? Buy a new fish and then tell him, while he has a new fish to look at? Not get another fish?

We went in circles for a bit, and finally decided to explain that Red had gotten old (I decided against telling Little Dude it was probably my awesome tank cleaning skills that had killed Red) and Red's spirit went to live with God. We decided just being upfront and honest about the death would be for the best.

Little Dude took it quite well, asking if God had a fish tank for Red,(I said yes, a really great one) and asked what we should do with Red. So, I offered holding a funeral and celebrating Red going to heaven with a song.

Red the Fish left us via the toilet and a rendition of "Thomas and Friends", the Little Dude version.

Then, since Little Dude was a little sad after that, I asked if he would like to pick out another pet fish. That perked him right up.

Red the Second joined our family from Pet Smart, and though he is blue, Little Dude declared his name needed to be Red the Second, and so we are calling him Red for short.

So far, my weekly water changing has not killed Red the Second, so we are doing well.


Catherine Anne said...

Yes, we too have had this around here with fish, hamsters, cats, dogs and even a few chickens. Its always so hard on the little one. What a sweet pic of your lil one and Red.

Shell said...

You handled that very well. I will have to remember that when I have to explain death to my kids.

Btw, I have tried to grab your button, but I get an error message. Maybe it is just something I am doing wrong, though.