Friday, October 16, 2009

Mom Mixing and Cleaning

Let me start with the Logitech Mom Mixer-It was pretty neat, but not quite as fun as I had thought. I am SO thankful to Logitech for the fun webcam and the chance to meet up with other moms and do some market research; however, my partner and I had the worst connection ever.

And I don't know if it was the webcam, the speakers, the Internet connection, or even my old computer, but the video feed for the webcam was WAY slower than the sound feed, AND on top of it, the microphone was picking up EVERYTHING, including all the other conversations going on around us. My partner seemed to be a soft spoken, sweet woman, which didn't help with trying to do the question/answer Logitech survey we were supposed to do. Actually, after the third question, we gave up-it took us a half hour just to get through those because I couldn't hear Kelly (my Mom Mixer partner who was at the event in Dallas) through the other conversations. We even had someone try to help us, but there wasn't much we could do.

Oh well, maybe next time I can be present, if they do one in NC again (I missed the NC one since we were still in AL at the time).

Logitech connection was pretty cool though-and I think the video/sound would work fine if you didn't have 50 other people around laughing and talking at the same time-but you simply create an account with Logitech, use your friend's emails, and connect for free. Nice!

OK, now on to other stuff.

I have been crazy busy with work, and I am planning on purging my office tonight; finally getting rid of old papers, notes, notebooks, books, and general clutter I don't need. What prompted the cleaning? I couldn't find my glue gun and needed it to make JR's First Birthday Frame. I finally found it in a random drawer, so I realized I needed to organize better.

I also saw the tv show "Hoarders" and it has made me want to get rid of everything I own and don't use. Have any of you seen that show? My sweet hubby told me about it, so we watched it together one night (him in AL and me here in NC). We were both shocked at the hoarding. Wow. So now I have been joking to him he is going to come back to an empty house tomorrow.

Actually, it is mostly just my office and our workshop room that are semi-cluttered, but not for long; Miche is on a mission to de-clutter!

And, Happy Friday!


Andrea said...

Um, what is that comment above me about?

I felt the same way about Hoarders! I wanted to get rid of EVERY THING. I feel so sorry for people with mental illness like that. I just want to help them out.

Caitlin said...

The Hoarders show made me want to throw up. After watching it, I concluded that my version of hell will not be all hot and will involve a house full of rotting vegetation and piles of random crap. Bleh.