Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Buzz, Zorg and Jessie

Today, Little Dude woke up with one thing on his mind: Toy Story 2. As in the Disney cartoon.

And so he greeted me this morning by explaining that HE was Buzz Lightyear, and that I was Jessie. Oh, and JR was Zorg.

Everything we did today, I had to call him Buzz, and he called me Jessie. He had his Buzz Lightyear shirt on (which we found at Target a few weeks ago), and I HAD to wear my straw hat, because, you know, Jessie is a COWGIRL and NEEDS a hat! Or so Little Dude explained. So, I wore my straw hat all day, and played with Little Dude Buzz and JR Zorg.

Even when I took my cold/cough medicine (because, yes, I am getting sick again and feel like a nice cow girl patty at the moment) I had to say "yeee haaaww" after I took it. Because, you know, that's what Jessie does.

Meanwhile, JR Zorg insisted on wearing one of our hardhats, which Little Dude Buzz highly approved of as a Zorg space helmet. We went on a short wagon ride with both of our construction hats space helmets, and that just had to be a sight, because I was hacking up a lung and the kids were laughing hysterically.

We went and voted for the school board seats, and Little Dude Buzz explained to the voting man that I was Jessie (which lead to me explaining why my son was saying my name was Jessie when I was trying to vote as Miche). The guy just gave me a blank stare; obviously he doesn't have kids.

Then we went and checked out our church preschool for Little Dude Buzz and got a baptism date and Godparents on file for JR Zorg. Yes, I know he is over a year old, but we have been in Alabama for the past year, so cut me some slack.

After that, the Toy Story 2 troupe and I went to the library where we proceeded to have a mini fit over the fact that ALL the Disney books on Toy Story were checked out. Then Little Dude Buzz saw some Diego (that animal rescue character) books, and all was well with the world.

Now it is only 9pm, and I am about to die from my cough, and even though I really need to work and catch up on some items, I'm going to bed with the hopes that I can just play catch up during nap time tomorrow.


Stephanie said...

Don't you mean Jessie the cow girl :)...I need to find a pict. of me in the costume :D...seem like ages ago! I hope you feel better. A friend of mine is moving to Charlotte in a few months...So, that means I need to plan a visit to see you all :D...

Alexandra said...

I love that you had to call his Buzz!!! how funny!

Anonymous said...

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