Friday, October 23, 2009

Toddler Talk

Today, Little Dude, JR and I spent the whole day at the park and had lunch with my awesome sister, Lisa. Afterwards, we went for a nice long walk around the neighborhood, enjoying the breeze, squirrels, and birds.

We practiced some counting on all the cars parked in the street, and worked on the alphabet by picking out letters in signs we passed-Little Dude has been doing great on both and can now count to 5 in Spanish!

On the way back, one of our little neighbors across the street was out in the yard, and Little Dude and Josh immediately started up on a rather fun conversation.

Yes, they were having a boy conversation.

Josh: Hi!! Guess what we are having for dinner?
Little Dude: Hi, Josh!! Dinner! Let's have dinner; is that a good idea? (Looking at me like Dinner is the most amazing idea he had ever heard)
Josh: We are having biscuits with HAM!! Do you like HAM????!!!
Little Dude: I DO! I LOVE Ham! Do you like Butter? I like biscuits with butter!
Josh: YUMMY! We could put butter on our HAM!! Have you had that?
Little Dude: YES!! Butter on Ham!! Sounds goooooood! (No, he has not had butter on ham, as far as I know)
Josh: I also like plain biscuits! Have you tried them?
Little Dude: You need to try biscuits with peanut butter and jelly! Have you TRIED peanut butter and jelly? It is SO DOMINANT!
Josh: I BURPED! Did you hear that LOUD burp!?
Little Dude: Good job, JOSH! I am so proud of you! You need a biscuit with peanut butter and jelly!

Me: OK, guys, we need to go make dinner, say bye!

Josh: I BURPED again!!
Little Dude: Me TOO!
Josh: Did yours taste like peanut butter?
Little Dude: No, HAM!
Little Dude: Bye!!
Josh: Bye!

Hysterical laughter on both sides ensued as I dragged my boys into the house, hoping the conversation wouldn't move on to other body functions. Even though I was slightly grossed out by the thought of ham and peanut butter-n-jelly burps, I have to admit, it was pretty funny and cute.


Stephanie said...

LOL that is awesome! They are so cute!

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