Friday, December 12, 2008

Flying Solo

Wow, I really can't believe it is Friday already! Wasn't I just complaining about Bill having to go back to Alabama? Tonight I get to pick him up around 8:30pm-YAY!

But gosh, how annoying to realize that an entire week has gone by and I have not gotten much off my list of things to do around the house, like:

*Wash Eddie(our dog SMELLS)
*Go through Little Dude's clothes, weed out what doesn't fit, what does and figure out who to pass what to.
*Do laundry. Amazingly, I have kept up with keeping the diapers clean. My laundry and the boys laundry has piled up though. It's clean, just not put away, because my major beef with laundry is all the folding. I hate folding.
*vacuum. Nope, haven't done that yet
*Mop the floors. Nope to that either
*Dust. Haven't dusted in years, but feel that it is time I should
*Clean my office-week out what can go to the Salvation Army
*For that matter, go through my entire house to find things for the Salvation Army

All joking around aside, I have to say, it is tough not having Bill around to help, especially at night. My hat goes off to all the single moms and dads out there-it is tiring doing it alone.

So, when Bill gets home I am giving him a HUGE kiss, passing him his boys, and then I am going to take a nice hot shower that doesn't involve a toddler poking his head in, pulling back the curtain (GOSH that its COLD!), bring toys that also need a shower, and striping down as he tries to climb in while I try to get the soap out of my eyes and stop him.

Oh yea, a HUGE, HUGE kiss for Bill.


casual friday everyday said...

I know what you mean. My husband is gone 3-4 nights a week each week and it is rough. I get used to it but I know when this new baby comes I'm really going to feel the affects of being a single Mom those days.

Erin Whitson said...

Im just happy to see that Im not the only one who NEVER dusts...We are lucky if the floors get vacuumed once a month. Im happy your hubby is coming home!