Monday, December 8, 2008

Bitter Sweet

Well the weekend is over, and for me it is especially bittersweet, because not only does my hubby have to go back to work and leave me alone all day with the kids and *gasp* Elmo's World again and again but he has to go back to Alabama.

And we are in North Carolina. Sigh.

I am so sad to see him go, and I am up right now only because I just can't sleep. I am taking Bill to the airport in 3 hours, (John will be here while the kids keep sleeping) and then it will be Friday night before he is home again.

I know it will go by quickly, but right now, Friday seems forever away.

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Andrea said...

I know it must be very hard to go through that. He's your best friend, your husband, and "sane stick" to hold onto when the kiddos are driving you crazy!!

Come over any time to take a break, or have me come over and we can chat. Love you!