Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Organizing the Chaos

What works for me this week?

Organization. Oh yes, I am a huge organizing junkie. I function so much better when I am able to organize and keep up with everything, be it or Dakno, my kids, my blog, or household things, like dishes and laundry....

So how do I try to stay organized? I carry a calendar around with me everywhere. Every January, I invest in a good, sturdy small notebook size calendar that fits great into my bag of miracles, aka the diaper bag, so I am able to write down things as they come up right away. And when I get home, I copy them all to my big wall calendar in the kitchen.

Also, I have a huge wipe board in my office, so I can make weekly and monthly lists of projects and deadlines coming up (often reflecting items written on the other two calendars, yes I need reminding.) Such as:

Century 21 project due Dec. 13th
Team Mom review due Dec. 15th
upload JR video to sometime next week.
ongoing work projects: blogs optimizations, retainer reports
Playdate with Mia this Friday
Pick up Bill at Airport 9pm Friday
Clean out car-someday

So for this week, I realize I have to get on the Century 21 project,and I am reminded of a review in a few weeks and my on going tasks at work. As I finish off items, I simply erase them from my board. Each Sunday I go back over it and make a new list or re write it so I stay on top of everything.

So, each day, at a glance, I can see what is coming up and plan my work hours around other things and see what items I would like to get done in whatever free time I find myself having. (Like cleaning the car out....not a time sensitive project, but still needs to be done before new life forms start to develop....)

And so, that is What Works For Me! Check out Rocks in my Dryer for more great tips!

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Disorgazined Mom said...

Oh I wish I could organize like you. I just keep on forgetting stuff! I am trying to write stuff down now on my small notebook so that I can just check tasks that I've accomplished. I guess organizing should be part of my New Year's resolution.

abbyjess said...

Wow, you are busy. I was just coming over here to say I hadn't forgotten about trying to get together but things have been crazy lately with visitors coming and going, holiday preparations, and holiday celebrations. I do still want to try to find a time and place to meet up, I just don't know when.

I may have to invest in a calendar to have with me. I do have a big household one. The problem with it is that my husband never checks it so he's always unaware of important dates and happenings.