Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cloth vs Disposible part 2

I have been trying out some cloth diapers for a few weeks now, and I have to say I am loving it! (Yes, I have had to clean poopy ones)

I tried out some Chinese prefolds with covers and some Bumgenius 3.0 pocket diapers, both of which are MUCH cheaper than using disposables. With two kids in diapers, and probably will have another year of two in diapers, AND with a huge slow down in construction (which is what my hubby does for a living) we felt it was time to try doing everything we could to tighten the belt.

So, enter the cloth diapers.

I have to say that so far, the pockets are my favorite because they kind I ordered can be used for BOTH my boys-they adjust in size. With the prefolds, though it appears they would be the cheapest route, aren't. Because you have to buy different sized clothes for each of your kids. And you need about 24 of each size so you can do laundry every other day. THEN you need different sized covers so the prefolds don't leak everywhere. THEN you need pins or snaps so the prefolds stay in place(and those come in different sizes too..). So, even though the prefolds are about 2 dollars each, by the time you add up all the covers, all the prefolds, all the pins, and snaps, then you are actually spending MORE than you would for the Bumgenius pocket diapers. Not much more, but still, more, and the prefolds are a TON more work!

With the Bumgenius pocket ones, I ordered enough for each boy to go through 4 a day for two days, so 16 diapers. Then I ordered 30 inserts and diaper doublers (which is all I have to change when the boys pee, I don't have to get a whole new diaper) Each diaper also comes with a insert and over night doubler.

And I am done. No more sizes to buy, no snaps or pins to keep up with and I only have to carry one diaper and a handful of inserts and doublers in my diaper bag, because it can adjust to fit either boy! In the rare case that both poop or pee out of a diaper while we are out and about, I have simply put two of the diapers in my car. The diapers will stay in the car permanently, for those times I forget one or need more than one extra.


There were also a few forums to try to get used diapers from (I know that sounds gross, I would have washed them first) like; however, I had such a hard time understanding all the abbreviations (like I think pocket diapers were PCD for pocket cloth diaper, and All in Ones-just like disposable but you wash them, no inserts or anything- are AIO. That is all I picked up though. So, if you check them out, good luck, I gave up and figured the savings we would be getting from not buying tons and tons of disposables was worth splurging a tiny bit and getting new diapers. Also, as a warning with, it was my experience that most of the new diapers were not that much cheaper than new ones anyway. Like with many of the prefold covers and the Bumgenius 3.0 were going for only a dollar or 2 less than new ones. PLUS you pay shipping to the person sending it. So just pay attention if you use their site to make sure it is actually a deal to buy used.

So, since I found Bumgenius at, with free shipping and a newsletter discount, it was a tiny bit cheaper to get new ones!


abbyjess said...

Congrats on the cloth diapering success. I'll have to look into the Bumgenius. We use prefolds with gDiapers wraps. I have to agree with you that it really isn't that bad usig cloth and it's a whole lot cheaper.

Heather from Mom 4 Life said...

That is so great!! Glad to hear you are enjoing them:). Tell me more about how you use your doubler so you only have to change that when they pee, I haven't done that. . .