Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time Is Flying By

Moving always gets me stressed. Not just because we have to fit our things into the mini-van, but because Bill and I will have the kids in the car for over 14 hours in order to get back home.

Oh geeze.

So I am wondering about great entertainment for the car. I am sorta regreting now insisting that we did NOT need a tv for the car. At the time we bought the van, I laughed at the thought of needing the ability to play movies. But at that time, our longest trip was 4 hours to my parent's home, and that we did once a year, maybe.

Since that time, we have move twice temporaraly, to nice, far away places with nice long and forever drives. Sigh.

And I have gotten better about public restrooms, simply because I don't want to give my sons a complex, but still, I HATE public restrooms, let alone those at a lone gas station. Another Sigh.

But, in this case, I'll just rely on my good ol' Disney movie stash for inspiration.

Just keep swimming.

Everything will fit in the car, none of the kids will touch/roll on/slide on/jump on/lick the nasty gas station bathrooms, and we will not lose our minds.

And soon we will be home! I started packing, though I haven't put anything in the van yet....


Stephanie said...

Are you moving back to NC?

Such Lovely Freckles said...

I love that movie. I think I should watch it again with my kids.

Swansons said...

wow- I can't imagine moving EVERYTHING in one trip esp with two kids in the car taking up space too!

I don't know how you do that long of a drive with the kiddos, but good luck and we can't wait to see you all!

Alexandra said...

ohhh good luck!! and you don't need a tv...just sing the whole time. lol. that's what we ended up doing on our 10 hour drive. can't say it was all that exciting for me but Sweet Pea was entertained.