Monday, August 24, 2009

A Busy Week

Oh my, we get to go home to NC in 5 days!! I am so very excited and REALLY dreading the packing.

Which I just realized I REALLY need to start. I have to make everything we have here fit in my van, and what is left will have to fit in Bill's car when he is able to come home for good in October/November.

The worst part of packing is the later UNPACKING, because I always end up rushing to pack and nothing gets sorted for easy unloading. Sigh.

And I am a little stressed trying to decide if I should start packing now, or if I do need to wait til Thursday. Since we are in an apt complex, I don't have a safe place to store the van while it is packed, and while I doubt anyone would want to steal the kid's train table, I would be P-O-ED if someone broke one of our windows.

We aren't in a horrible place either-don't worry, BUT there have been robberies and thefts at knife point and a little further down the road are houses with bars on the windows, so I am just nervous to pack the car yet, while at the same time wanting to get a head start.

For just a side note, we are IN the city limits of Mobile, so great areas and not so great areas blend together all around here; just like any inner part of a big city.

Writing this though has made me really long for my nice yard and driveway and amazing neighbors. I am so excited to get home.

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