Thursday, August 20, 2009

Feel The Rain

There is one thing I can say about Alabama weather; you FEEL the storms coming. Perhaps because we are right on the water, or because it is just that time of year for good storms, but either way, a storm is coming.

We spent the last two days hunting in consignment sales, and got a TON of great clothes for the boys for next year. I didn't need much for JR, since I have a lot from Little Dude, but I did get him a few cute things anyways. Little Dude and I cleaned up the dollar shirt area-awesome. We also got a fun Bob the Builder memory game for $3.00 that we tried playing earlier today. For the first time, Little Dude did pretty well, but the game has 75 pairs-just a bit too many for a 3 year old, so the next time we play I'll just put out 10 pairs. And make sure we do it while JR sleeps. I spent too long after our game today trying to round up the cards JR had collected.

JR has a cold. It started out as a sneeze this morning, but now it has progressed to the nice runny nose. So now, he is nestled in a ring sling, laying his head against me and not looking so happy. So far no fever, so I'll have to keep my fingers crossed one doesn't develop. I'm supposed to babysit for few hours tomorrow, and I'm debating if I should cancel or not. I'd hate to make a baby sick, but then, if I cancel, then Nanette can't be the home room mom for the morning at her daughter's new school. I am a little glad I don't have anything else to really worry about at the moment; not too shabby, eh?

We come home in a week!! Ekkk! I am so excited to be home. But I'm also dreading packing up our stuff. And I have to get the train table in the van. And my shoes. And all the clothes I just bought the boys. I think I will be making a trip to Walmart for some bins.

I have a TON of work to do for Dakno and I am debating asking my sweet Bill if I can escape to Starbucks for awhile so I can catch up on some of it. And get away from the kids for a bit. I've discovered that time away is essential to my sanity. I am a little sad knowing that once we get home, Bill comes back here and I won't have him to take the kids at 7pm. Or to snuggle with at 9pm.

Organizing our closet to fit in the 7 pairs of shoes I've bought since moving down here will be a good use of time. And if I can make enough space, then maybe I can get another cute pair.

So, now I'm off to work on some Dakno items, and listen to the rolling thunder get closer and watch for the coming rain.


John and Caitlin said...

I am so excited you're coming back!!! Lets hang out, I'd love to play with the boys! :)

And I agree with your thoughts about the health care situation. I'm a big plan of thinking things through and planning them well. Something I think Canada forgot to do. :) In addition, did you know that the government health care public option (if we keep it, fingers crossed) has two plans: one you can pay into if where abortions are covered as well, and one where abortions are not covered. You can pick, and that way your health care premiums don't go to moral issues you're against. :)

Nell said...

awwwww, sorry he has a cold!


Alexandra said...

I grew up near Galveston and you could almost smell the rain coming. It kinda miss it a little...

I hope JR feels better soon!!! Sounds like you guys have a lot to do!!! :)