Monday, August 31, 2009

No Place Like Home

We are home! We got in around 8 pm on Friday and even made a fun stop over at my sister-in-law's home to surprise all our friends that were over playing poker. Little Dude went crazy when he saw Uncle John, and sat with Uncle John until we had to pry him away to get to our house!

JR on the other hand, was not as happy to see a ton of people, but in his defense he doesn't know any of them, or any of these places-even our house upsets him right now-so I'm OK with him being super clingy and nervous. It is a little bit of a pain that I can't leave a room without him screaming, but I know his nervousness will pass as he learns the house and feels more secure here. He has taken to dragging a toy around with him-yesterday it was a stuffed buffalo, but so far today he seems attached to his stuffed monkey.

Bill flew back to Alabama yesterday afternoon, and today the kids and I are going to work on cleaning the downstairs, getting our guestroom ready for Grandma and Grandpa-who will be here Thursday!-and set up our downstairs for all the family and friends that will be coming this Saturday for Little Dude's party.

And I am enjoying the crickets. I had not realized how much I missed them. Ahhh, home.


Andrea said...

What? No crickets in AL?

We are so glad you are home. Friends and neighbors! I am excited about seeing Patty and Ed, too. Again, let me know if I can help out. I'm in nesting/cleaning mode. As long as it doesn't involve lifting or bending over too much I am good to roll! (for now - come on, Henry!!)

Miche said...

I'm sure there are crickets in AL, but we were in the city of Mobile, which is tons bigger than Raleigh, and more often than not we heard traffic noise, ambulances, and fire/police trucks-so the little crickets were overpowered, or had long ago moved further away from the city.

Alexandra said...

glad yall made it!!!!! :)