Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Baby Is Blue

It started out very innocently, with Little Dude giving JR a drink. Sweet, eh?
Then I mentioned how very sweet it was for Little Dude to share his slushy, because JR was hot. That apparently is not the way you should praise a toddler holding a drink, because the result is this:

And then JR made his way for freedom, in the opposite direction of his circle running brother, leaving me to decide which I wanted to tackle more, a sticky, blue baby, or a sweaty, shirtless, toddler. Hmmmm. And just so you know, the blue did eventually come off, thank goodness.


Andrea said...

Hahahaha! Thanks for the story! The best part is that poor little Jr. looks so jovial throughout the whole thing! Perhaps he's developed an early sense of humour being Little Dude's brother. Or maybe that icy goodness felt good! It looks like it was a hot day.

Can't wait to see you & your boys, blue or not. ;)

Alexandra said...


John and Caitlin said...

Okay, so when I heard JR was blue, I was thinking smurf baby. Glad to see it was less severe than I thought!!! :)

@sweetbabboo said...

Too funny! It doesn't look like he cared at all.

Glad to know it did eventually come off. I'd hate for you to have to explain it to a doctor at his next check-up.


Nell said...

OMG! How funny.