Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ready For My Nap

I have so many things I'd love to write about right now, but honestly, I am just too tired.

The hubby, Bill, is still in AL working, so I am alone here in NC with the kids. And it isn't bad, I have friends and neighbors that I invite myself over to (yes, you read that correctly. I'm not shy, I'm calling you up and coming over cause I'm board and need to talk to someone that can pronounce l's).

But being full time single work from home mom has me worn out already, and it has only been two weeks.

So, I am finally off to catch up on work, since the only good time I can find is currently at 11pm at night.

Perhaps tomorrow I can get to writing about some of the things I want to share. Or even get that nap in I keep trying to take but never seem to find the time for.


Mike said...

Have a great nap.

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The Mummert's said...

Give me a call on Friday if you need to get out. I'm off all day. We could get the kids together to play and you and I could have an "adult conversation"

If Friday doesn't work, we'll be on vacation the next week, but after that we could get together. Just let me know.

Hang in there!!!

Nell said...

I so get needing a nap! HUGS.