Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flight Number One

So this is how you fly with two kids under the age of 3! It actually was a great time; Little Dude loved his book bag of toys ad JR loved my Mei Tai carrier, so we were pretty much awesome with the travel.

That is, until the plane ran out of gas.

Yea, my plane ran out of gas, because we circled Dallas for over an hour waiting to land, and couldn't, so we ended up going to Houston, getting gas, WAITING THERE til we could take off (all the while not getting off the plane...sigh) and then FINALLY got to DFW Airport. The flight we had should have arrived at 7:30pm; however, it was well past midnight when we finally landed. My poor Aunt and Uncle were waiting up and worried because of all the bad weather (which was why we couldn't land to start with and caused us to run out of gas...) and by the time we got to their home it was well past 1am.

And even though we did have a few moments of semi melt downs, all in all the kids did GREAT and I was impressed they actually feel asleep once we made it to Aunt Marla and Uncle Bruce's! Whoo hoo!

Though somehow, both were up with the sun at 7am, goodness gracious!

Here we are waiting to take off from Raleigh to go to Atlanta and from there to Dallas

Here we are on the plane!

And my carrier is a Babyhawk Mei Tai that I got off ebay for $50 dollars. Yes, it is double sided, has pockets on both sides and has a key ring. Yes, I recommend this Mei Tai very highly. It is so easy to use, so very soft, padded and comfy AND I would even pay the full price for it now that I have one, but suggest just hunting on ebay for a deal. My Mei Tai saved my life and made this trip possible. If I had not had pockets for the tickets and a way to keep JR snuggled with me, the trip would have been a nightmare. As it was, JR was content to just snuggle and hang out and I had free hands to do important stuff, like cashing Little Dude, drinking coffee and eating the pretzels!


Miche said...

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Stephanie said...

Thanks girl for the warm comment...I am glad you enjoyed your trip...

@sweetbabboo said...

Ugh, we're about to fly from NC to KS w/ L-Bug. Luckily my husband will be along to help but it's gonna be a long flight. You're right though about the BabyHawk being the idle tool for a flight situation. The pocket is so handy and the versatility of being able to switch baby to your back when you get tired of carrying him on the front is a plus.

Sorry you're flight sucked. Let's get together in June. We get back into town on the 2nd. I'll send you and email around then and we can set something up.


Nell@SheSnaps.com said...

Oh I adore those pictures!


Lora said...

I'm glad you had a great trip!

I just got a mei tai too, and I LOVE it! It's not a babyhawk (it's an "off-brand", I guess...made by a WAHM), but it's still really comfortable. The only thing it doesn't have is the pockets...it sounds like those would be really nice to have!

P.S. If you try to comment back on my site, my comment thing isn't working for some reason. Hopefully I can get it working again soon!

Momma said...

wow what a flight!!! I can't say I have heard of that happening before. and he does look super comfy in the carrier! i love finding carriers that are wonderful! :)