Friday, May 29, 2009

Dear Bill

Five years ago today, I walked down the aisle and met you at the end of it. One of the most fun and amazing days of my life and the start of our life together. I am amazed at how quickly the years have passed, and how it seemed, when we first got married, time just stood still.

I can't thank you enough for being my rock, my best friend, a most amazing husband, and an adoring father. You make even the most normal things fun and exciting-like sitting on the couch on Sunday and watching 24-and there is nothing I look forward to more than spending the next 55 years with you. Except maybe watching the next season of 24 with you.

I dug up some old pictures from our honeymoon because I knew you would enjoy seeing them again. (And because I have not scanned any of our wedding pictures onto the computer yet)

Us in front of the amazing pool at the Grand Floridian Resort at Disney World

Our honeymoon in Disney World was just amazing. News traveled fast too! Wherever we used our hotel cards to pay for items, they knew we were on our honeymoon and we got all kinds of free gifts, pictures, pins, wine (whoohoo!) and "hops" to the front of ride lines in celebration. We even had a gift basket waiting in our room after our first day out and about with great gifts. The free wine around Epcot was my favorite "Disney Magic touch..."

Our champagne carriage ride around the Disney Park was so fun and relaxing and perfect before seeing the fireworks.

I love you, Happy Anniversary!


Stephanie said...

That is so sweet!

John and Caitlin said...

that so cute miche! Happy anniversary to you both!

@sweetbabboo said...

Yay! Congratulations. Hope you have something special planned to celebrate.


The Mummert's said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

CasualFridayEveryDay said...

aw. I'm falling in love with your love!