Friday, May 15, 2009

Babywearing with the Animals

While in Dallas, we went to the Dallas Aquarium, though honestly it is WAY more than an aquarium. There are all kinds of birds, animals, reptiles and everything is set up as a nature trail in a jungle-complete with birds flying freely over head!! We had a few close calls with bird droppings!

This was my favorite guy. He is a sloth, and we got to get SUPER close to him. Isn't he just a beauty? SO CUTE!

Here are some of the sharks we saw

Here I am under the shark tank with JR. The tank was so cool! It was like a tunnel, so the sharks were swimming all around you-Little Dude was amazed.
I really loved the aquarium and highly recommend anyone visiting or living in the Dallas, TX area to check it out. Little Dude LOVED it and didn't want to leave (boy THAT was fun). They had a few clown fish as well (think Nemo) and Little Dude loved those the most out of everything.

And the best part? I got a really great, fun filled day with my Aunt Marla. Getting to spend time with her was the best ever, she is one amazing lady!


Curdie said...

We went there about a year ago. I thought the tunnel was pretty cool, too. Did you see the jellyfish? I thought they were amazing.

Momma said...

how fun!! we are going there on Friday when my mom comes into town. good to hear its a great place!

also, that place is like 10 min from my apartment. lol. I still can't believe you were so close.