Thursday, May 28, 2009

Movie Night With The Neighbors

I'm quite blessed to have awesome neighbors all around me and many of them have kids or grandkids pretty close in age to my children, so that is even better! I have to say though, my son is in love with two of our little neighbor friends who also have a stay at home mama that I love, so it turns out to be perfect for us all when we have play dates!

Our latest was yesterday evening and it was a PJ movie night! It was so fun and came at perfect timing, because I was feeling a little depressed-bored-what-to-do-tired-of-the-park funk coming on. Caroline, one of my said awesome neighbors and mother of the two adorable kids my oldest son loves, brought over her kids, right after dinner and baths, along with a huge bag of popcorn and all of us in our PJs (us mamas, too!) sat down to watch Pinocchio. It was SO fun and reminded me so much of when I was little and having movie nights with my sisters.

The kids loved it, and really enjoyed hanging out with each other and eating popcorn like at a real movie theater! A fantastic and free way to break up the nightly routine into something fun.
Here is JR with his sippy cup, all ready for the movie to start:

Here is the gang, from left to right: Little Dude, Cole, Caroline and Keely. Note that there is also a wine glass; adding wine to any play date makes it super fun, esp when you get to share the wine with a wonderful friend!

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CasualFridayEveryDay said...

How much fun is that?! I wish you were my neighbor!