Thursday, May 14, 2009

Everything is Bigger in Texas

Even the Cattle. Do you see the horns on the ones below? Yes, those are Longhorn Cattle, and at the Fort Worth Stockyards you can watch them get herded down the street from one pen to another, very cool!

You can see Little Dude watching them from the sidewalk. He was with my Aunt Marla; JR and I hung out a little farther back under a shade tree.

The Longhorn herding is pretty tame, they just walk down the street and a whole slew of REAL cowboys surround them, ready to correct any that deviate from the street. One lady though commented to me that she was annoyed at having waited half an hour to just see them walk-she wanted to see them run! My reply? If those horns are running, I'm not standing here to watch, I'm up the tree! She looked puzzled, so I can only assume she'd never been around cows before-even normal ones are strong and faster than you think-let alone some with 2 foot horns!

The Stockyards are super fun, and we even got some ice cream and a fun little cowboy had for Little Dude!

The Longhorns!
One of the cowboys let Little Dude play with his whip! Little Dude wanted nothing to do with it though until Aunt Marla held it first (shes the arm in the pic)
The super nice cowboy that enjoyed showing Little Dude all his cowboy "stuff"
Yes, that is a longhorn with a saddle. Yes, that is the cowboy that owns him. No, I did not ask for a ride.
I was so impressed with seeing someone riding a longhorn I just had to share another picture.


Andrea said...

Ohhhhh man I bet Little Dude LOVED that! Lol!! He's so sweet.

John and Caitlin said...

Riding a longhorn? I guess horses aren't good enough anymore......

I can't wait to see you guys at the wedding!

Heidi said...

Oh. I miss Texas... I grew up in Dallas & now live in the midwest. Thanks for the pictures, they made me homesick.