Friday, February 20, 2009

Pooping Uh Oh

Oh yea, I have gone there. This post is about poop, my friend.

Currently we are still sorta working on potty training our toddler. He pees really well in it. On a rare occasion will poop, but mostly it is false alarms, and he is still not getting so good at telling me he has to go until it is too late. Honestly, since I really do have germ-a-phobic tendencies and I am REALLY dreading having to let him sit on a public toilet (while somehow keeping JR from touching ANYTHING)I haven't been pushing too hard. I figure that when he is ready, he will start wanting to do it.

We have the little potty, and the seat for the big toilet, so he can even choose which he likes best when the time comes.

But until then, we have a slight problem we have to overcome. You see, my Little Dude does not like to poop, and it has gotten really bad since this past summer. For some reason, he holds his poop in, then, when he does finally poop, it hurts, causing him to not want to poop, holding it in...and, well, you see.

So, under the orders and directions of Little Dude's pediatrician, we are giving Little Dude laxatives every so often to make it easier for him to go, and to encourage painless pooping (which will later lead to him wanting to poop all the time in his potty).

Where am I going with this?

Well, since he had gone three days without pooping, it was time to give him a laxative.

All I'm going to share of the rest of the story is:

madly rising water, panicked call to hubby, emergency water shutoff, hubby rushing home,stopped up toilet, many towels, kids barricaded in the living room, hubby manning a shop vac, spraying disinfectant everywhere, and the feeling that I needed to scrub my body with bleach but settled for hot water and soap.

Oh yea, it was a big poop uh oh.


Caitlin said...

Hahahahahaha. I LOVED this story. And I can totally relate, since I had sewage in my house a few weeks ago. :) Now Little Dude really will not want to use the potty to poop!

And just to reassure you: Public bathrooms are not NEARLY as bad as you think they are. I promise. I've actually swabbed the toilet seats in a public bathroom (long story) and then cultured the bacteria on them. Surpringly, there is more bacteria on a public water fountain than on a toilet seat. The toilet seats are pretty clean. I promise he'll be just fine on one, mama.

Stephanie said...

Holy Sh@# :), you are a trooper. My days are just around the corner :)...

Mommy Bee said...

Caitlin--EWWWWW!! I'm not going to be able to touch a public drinking fountain again!!!
Actually, I've read that the average public door handle has more fecal mater on it than the average toilet seat...due to where things get aimed, I suspect that the SEAT is one of the few fairly safe spots! Still gross to think about, I know.

Miche--google 'encopresis' and see if it sounds familiar. My 8yo was just diagnosed this winter after literally years of struggles with the poo thing. Once I understood what it was, I realized that I'd been seeing symptoms since before he ever potty trained. Laxatives can help, but there are gentler measures (ie, increase his fiber w/ supplements/cereals/bars/etc) and you may not need to resort to the laxatives. We've had notable success with fiber and routine. And it's like you say, once he gets through the fear of pain when pooping, then he'll stop holding it in, and everything will be a lot smoother (no pun intended!!!!!)

abbyjess said...

That's horrible. You must have a great husband for him to run home and help. I suggest you make him a big batch of cookies tonight.

Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I'm so glad you stopped by! I got a good laugh out of this post. I sure hope things get better soon! My daughter went through a similar fear of pooping on the potty when we were potty-training. We eventually got though it, and I sure hope you do too!

Momma said...

hahaha! that was a great story. I will be laughing for a while.

lisa said...

HAHAHA! oh miche!

chrissy said...

Ummmm, the visual was eeewwwww! I almost fell off my chair last I am not the only one that's this has happened too, however, not in the large fashion as you were...eeck!