Thursday, February 12, 2009

Peace in the Chaos

So when I found out I didn't have Internet last Saturday, I freaked. Yes, I lost my cool.

All I could think (while checking the Internet again, just in case it started to magically work again..)was how I would be so behind in work. And blogging and emailing and twittering, and all that other tech-y stuff I've worked hard on that has gotten me out there as an "amateur-semi-pro" blogger.

And did I mention work? Yea, well, not having Internet for the whole weekend, and not even getting getting it back until late yesterday, made me a LITTLE stressed.

OK, A LOT stressed.

But you know what? It was OK. I had the most fabulous past 4 days. I didn't worry about the Internet, since there was nothing I could control or do beyond calling Comcast. I just simply enjoyed the free time I had to hang out with my boys, pamper my hubby, and just relax.

Over the past 4 days, I read tons of toddler books, had dinner actually ready when Bill would walk in the door, had ALL the laundry done AND put away (yes, a feat for me, aka Miss Laundry hater) the boys got baths EVERY night, we went to the park EVERY day, and just had fun.

I really enjoyed the days of "forced" vacation I had, and loved refocusing on what truly is important to me. Because even though I do really love my job and would love to be a part of the team for many many years to come, these days of no Internet made me realize that I spend more time on the computer and Internet than I should.

So, I have decided to refocus my efforts and really work on getting the kids to the park here at least once a day, if only for a few minutes.

Being in an apartment is hard, since I don't have a backyard to let them loose into, and the parks are a good drive away, but setting aside some good play time to go hang out with other kids (and moms!) on a daily basis has been so nice for Little Dude, Jr AND me.

Yes, I still love the Internet, will still work tons,and will do my best to blog everyday, but I am also putting a new "to do" that will be moved up to the top on my long list:

Spending time with my family.

Yea, that's an important one, and I am glad this weekend of no Internet reminded me to keep my priorities straight.


Stephanie said...

I am glad you are back up and running :). I can't believe how big your boys are getting. I just posted some pictures on my blog :). Hope all is well!

Casual Friday Everyday said...

Miche, they are totally adorable! And sometimes forced vacations are a good thing. Little JR has the same outfit my baby has. Too cute.


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abbyjess said...

Glad you're back. Missed ya around here. Also glad that it wasn't too bad and that you made the best of the situation.

To Think is to Create said...

Forced time offline is sometimes the best medicine ever...glad you found the silver lining! :)