Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Being a Kid

I have decided the best part of being a parent is that I get to be a kid. Being silly, playing games, watching cartoons....it is really just the best.

When Bill got home yesterday, he and Little Dude played hide and seek, shrieking and laughing so loudly I was surprised none of the neighbors came over to see what was going on. All of us got in on the play action by pretending to be trains.

Oh yea, we were crawling around on the floor making choo choo sounds under the direction of my toddler, and JR, being the only sane one at that moment, stared at us all in disbelief.

Being a parent is such a wonderful excuse to be a kid.


Stephanie said...

It's fun to play with your kids...We love to tickle Mika and she loves it too...she even tries to do it herself. It's cute to watch :)...

To Think is to Create said...

Totally agree, and would put video game playing in this category as well. It's fun to have boys. :)

Caitlin said...

I will post wedding pictures asap (you know, once I'm married and all) just for you! Never fear, friend!

I love, love, love what amazing, hands on parents you and Bill are. It's just so wonderful to see/read about. I kinda want some of my own so I can join the fun parent club....but on second thought....maybe I'll just borrow yours for a bit. Get my feet wet, and all. :)

Mommy Bee said...

hey, you said you'd tagged me for the 25thing thing, but i can't find it...will you leave me the direct link?