Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"B" 10 Things

I was tagged again! This tag is a little tricky, since I have to share 10 things about me with the letter "B", so here I go:

1. Briar Rabbit, the character one of my close friends got to play while we worked as Characters for Disney. Oh yea, tons of fun.

2. Ballet-did it from elementary school on to high school; Preformed in the Nutcracker a few years. Loved ballet, but was very clumsy.

3. Been to Italy. Took me the better part of a year to save the money and I am so glad I went.

4. Been married for 5 years in May.

5. Best friend: My hubby

6. Best girlfriend; it's a three way tie: my sis Lisa, my sis in law Julie, and my mom in law, Patty

7. Blogging: I started with one blog in 2005, was sporadic enough with posting that I forgot the password...then started again in 2006 after we moved to TN and away from family and friends. It started out as a way to keep in touch with family, but now it has lead to me making tons of great friends online and experiencing new opportunities, like product reviews and making a little money! Whoo hoo!

8. Birthed both kids with no drugs, mostly out of the fact I was scared of what the nurse called "sleepy baby syndrome" during our birthing class; yea, I didn't like that and decided then and there MY kids weren't going to have "sleepy baby syndrome". Being Induced was 100 times worse than not. (had one of each)

9. Baby sign language-taught the kids at my preschool and have taught both my babies

10. Believe that God has a plan for us all, but it is up to us to take what he gives us and go the right way.

I'm tagging Scribbit because I am fascinated to hear her 10 "B" things!


Caitlin said...

I know, it was about super awkward conversations...luckily I think the HOA will pay for it.

Is the job scenario official yet? John told me you all weren't sure about it yet. :( You're in my prayers my dear. I'll miss you and your new adorable shoes.

Scribbit said...

Thanks so much for the tag, I'll get thinking on this!