Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Wonderful Bad Day

Yesterday was a bad day, so say the least. The vacuum stopped working. JR is teething, and cried most of the day-and simply refused to be put down. Little Dude actually peed on me, and somehow I made the oven catch on fire while trying to cook a chicken casserole for dinner. And by the time Bill was due home, I had yet to finish washing the dishes from lunch, let alone clean up the mess I made fixing the dinner that was smoking its way into being inedible in my oven.

So, needless to say, I was rather frazzled and on the verge of tears by the time my sweet husband came home.

And you know what my sweet hubby did?

He grabbed my wedding rings from the counter, got down on one knee and told me he loved me and asked if I would marry him again.

And then none of the mess, getting peed on, the constant crying OR the fire in my oven mattered. Oh yea, in the middle of all that, I was in heaven, thanks to my sweet hubby. He always knows just how to cheer me up and cheer me on. I'm so lucky to have him; my wonderful, sweet and thoughtful, Bill.


lisa said...

AWWW that is SO sweet....he peed ON you? you will have to tell me that story some time. I have been meaning to call you since I got your voicemail.

@sweetbabboo said...

What a sweetie. You are a lucky girl. I'm glad that you have someone who supports you and loves you so very much. It makes being a great mom so much easier.


Stephanie said...

I have those crappy days too :(. Your hubby sounds like a great guy. Many hugs to you!

Momma said...

oh my goodness I actually have tears in my eyes. what a great way to have your day turn into a fabulous one!

and dont you wish you could just go buy a dyson??? I sure do...ahh to dream. :)

Casual Friday Everyday said...

awwwwwwwww, how sweet. sometimes men really "get it", you know?