Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not Upon This Potty

Little Dude is doing great peeing in the potty! Whoo hoo! After a few times of him taking his diaper off and showing he didn't like to be wet, we decided to go ahead and train him with big boy under ware. Though we are still having some trouble with his poop, we have gotten him to go every other day now, and he is doing his poop in the potty too! WHOO HOO!

But, remember that potty I bought? Well it stinks. I bought this "Summer Infant Potty":

It is from Babies R Us, and it is just not working. The seat "hole" is way too small, and Little Dude has to sit way back on the seat to keep his pee from going everywhere. But then he can't poop and get it in the "hole", so he has to sit way forward. The little boy "shield" came off after the first few times of using it because instead of being a solid piece, it is a flimsy, thing that is supposed to "slide" into place, but after a few times of getting knocked off by Little Dude, it now is bent out of shape and wont stay on the potty.

I thought the toilet paper thing would be cute, but it is a horrible idea too: All he wants to do is unroll the toilet paper. I had put some disposable wipes in the wipe case so he could do that himself, but those too end up getting grabbed in handfuls and thrown in his seat. And the last thing I feel like adding to the whole potty training routine is a fight over leaving the TP alone. Potty Training should be as fun and stress free as possible, right? Overall, much better if I just keep the wipes and TP next to me, and hand it to him as he needs it.

Also, it is advertised as being a step stool as well, but I have not figured that out yet-the lid is way too flimsy to stand on, and if you take the lid off there is no place to I don't know.

In any case, we are going out today to pick out a very simple, no whistles potty with a large seat and "hole" area. And then we will get a step stool too.

And this potty? I don't really know what to do with it-maybe donate it to church or give it to my neighbor here.

It might work for others, but it didn't work for me. Check out Kristen over at We Are That Family for other great Works for me (or in this case doesn't) Wednesdays!


Jessica said...

Finding a good potty is really hard. I wish you could try them out first and then make your purchase.

Caitlin said...

Thank you for thinking of us Miche! We'll miss you guys...keep us updated on whats happening with Bill!

Thanks for the heads up with the links on my post...I don't know why, but the links were listed as "other" and not as http://. Weird blog. I'll let you know how those pads work out.

Momma said...

great review!! we are debating whether or not to get a potty or just train on the big potty so I am always looking for what works.

Buffie said...

We're using the Fisher Price froggy potty and it's working well for my daughter so far. It's a very basic "no frills" potty.

msmrow said...

Something with a hole that tiny might work better for a girl...? I think the anatomy is a few inches different than that of boys.

Do they make those seats that just sit on top of the regular toilet anymore? I can't imagine cleaning the bowl out in one of those kid potties every single time they used it. I guess it's one step closer to not cleaning up that kind of thing at all, though (moving away from diapers...)!

The Mommy said...

the best thing for us was a seat that sits on the big potty and a cool stool. You can take the seat off of the big potty when he's ready and use the stool for teeth brushing.

Spiceymom said...

I just came across your blog, and I too bought this crappy seat...and I have a girl. I dubbed it, "the royal mess". Talk about pee all over. We too had problems keeping the pee in the potty. And that shield, ridiculous. I ended up tossing the whole thing and buying a one piece. I was so pissed (pun intended) at this seat that I went online to Babies R Us and Target and left bad reviews.