Thursday, September 30, 2010

Craving Yogurt

OK, so I need to buy stock in Yoplait, like now. I am totally keeping them in business now, because it seems that all the baby wants to eat and decides smells good are the following:

Ketchup/Mustard (however, cooking meat of any kind is making me feel sick, including deli meat, so sandwiches haven't been enjoyed lately, and french fries with the least bit of grease makes me feel nauseous. Sad day, sad day. )

I just dipped carrots in vanilla yogurt and though writing it sounds so gross, it was SO yummy. And I even discovered that freezing the small yogurt containers makes an AWESOME frozen Yogurt treat. Which is good, cause I went crazy at the store, blinded by a 10 or $4.00 deal and a hungry alien in my belly, and bought WAY more Yogurt than my fridge could really hold. So now the excess is in my freezer and it is SUPER yummy.

And since I am working on my 4th month, if I go at this rate with Yogurt, I am going to end up having a peaches n cream or strawberry blast colored baby. Seriously, that is all we (me and baby) are eating, and it really is all I want to eat. Even last night I made an awesome roast, but all I could think about was Yogurt.

So I promptly ate some AFTER dinner, much to the amusement and bewilderment of my husband.

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