Thursday, September 9, 2010

Missing A Kid

Little Dude started preschool this week, and it has left a weird empty spot in the house.

JR and Emily LOVE that he is gone, because it means they get to play WITH HIS TOYS!! The JOY!!!

So, I don't think they mind at all in the least. Me; however, I'm a little sad when I drop him off. Today, he even asked that I not walk him in, but do the "car drop" (the carpool drop off) that most of the other kids do.

OH it has started.

So, I did. I did the car pool lane, and let him out of the car, and called by as he ran inside. At least I did get a wave.

Then I ran errands with the other kids, and now I am supposed to be working, but decided to take a break from doing a press release just because. Normally Little Dude would have already come in to talk to me, giving me a little mini break by default, since the time after lunch is usually just me and him time while the little ones nap.

But today, no, he is still at school. And I have to wait a whole 40 minutes before I can go get him.

What in the world am I going to do when he starts real school?

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