Monday, September 27, 2010

The Third Pregnancy

I am pretty blessed at having easy pregnancies, labors and births. This one, actually, has been my best, so far, because I haven't even had any heart burn, like I did BADLY with the other two.

Instead of heartburn I have nausea; however, eating small bits throughout the day keeps it at bay. And drinking some yummy ginger ale. And I've only thrown up once, so I'll take nausea over chronic heartburn any day.

So far, I am craving dairy like crazy and REALLY loving spicy stuff-partly because now without heartburn problems I can actually eat spicy things, like my favorite wing sauce, and I am on cloud nine about it.

The baby's room is pretty good to go, since we already moved the boys into the large room with bunk beds awhile back. I got all gender neutral bedding and decorations just so I'd be able to use them with boys or girls, so there really isn't anything to do in there. I might buy a pink blanket if we do have a girl this time, but really I have SO MANY that I might just make her use a blue one and put the money into cute clothes and bows instead. Anyways, we will see.

One thing different with this one is that my belly has popped out a good bit sooner than the other two and my chest has gotten rather large. Even my mother in law commented on how much it has increased, so I KNOW it's not just in my head. And my mother in law is the best, since she swears that my stomach hasn't gone crazy yet. I seriously love her.

I think I will have to break out the maternity stuff soon, as my current pants probably won't make it a few more weeks of buttoning!

My next appointment is the middle of Oct, where they just check the heartbeat, THEN the next appointment in Nov. will tell us what Pumpkin is-I seriously don't know how I will make it! It is so hard to look or think about baby names until we can focus on the gender. Especially since Bill and I can't ever agree on girl names. Boy names seem easy for us, since we mostly use family inspiration and stay very traditional.

So, that is the quick update on things I wanted to try to remember. Thus far, all is going great-I'm super tired, but that could be the three preschoolers that run circles around me all day while I try to squeeze in some work hours on the computer, and not so much the pregnancy itself.

I have been trying to think of a good blog name for the new baby, and I am thinking Pumpkin. After all, fall is my favorite season ever and I am SO ready for it to be here-sorta how I feel about this baby. I LOVE being pregnant, but really, I just can't wait to be snuggling this baby.

So I guess that is that, Pumpkin it is.

Alight, my ramble is over, feel free to continue about your day now.

*UPDATE-Now that we know it is a boy, Bill feels Pumpkin is a little too girly for him SO, we will now refer to the new baby boy as Champ, a name suggested by our awesome friends Caitlin and John, since we couldn't figure out a good blog nickname for the little guy :)


Erin Whitson said...

Maybe the difference in pregnancies means you are having a little girl :) I know you will be thrilled either way and im sure your boys are SO excited! Hope everything continues to go smoothly for you this pregnancy.

Andrea said...

I am so happy to hear you're not having heartburn! It's so sweet to hear you talk about your Pumpkin. :)

nancymoo said...

Yay yay yay!! I loved being pregnant too! Little Ruffin is so sweet and we are so happy to have him!!
I feel like they should've made me take a class on what to do when you take the baby home... that's been way harder than being pregnant or giving birth! :)