Friday, October 8, 2010

What Sucks About Pregnancy

So, I am pregnant. And Loving it. And so excited.

But I have to tell you, there is one aspect of pregnancy I have always hated, and will always hate.

What could it possibly be? Peeing all night? Heartburn? Varicose Veins? Those ugly stockings you wear to help with Varicose Veins? Nausea? Nausea from your nausea?

Nope, none of those. All of those, I can deal with, peeing, it's cool, it's getting you used to getting up with the baby. Heartburn? Tons of tums. Varicose Veins, they suck, but really, having the heavy stockings are a good excuse to not shave everyday. Nausea is a great excuse to eat what I want when I want, like some yogurt and cheese RIGHT NOW.

All of that, I don't see as being bad, or annoying even. I just see it as part of the excitement and changes of pregnancy, not bad, not good, just IS.

So what do I find is just horrible about being pregnant?

When you are sick, there is absolutely NO medicine you can take.

I HATE it. And right now, I have the most awesomely echoing cough, an almost non-existent voice (that the kids are taking full advantage of pretending to not hear) and a runny nose that literally is dripping. Sorry for the awful visual there.

My doctor said I could take Tylenol for the aches, suck on lozenges for my throat and do a nasal spray for my nose, which I think I did incorrectly because I started coughing more after I did it.

So for now, I am dying on the couch, trying to get some work done on my laptop as the children take over and ignore my hoarse whispers to quiet down, share, and play nicely.


Stephanie said...

I know how you feel. When I was first pregnant, I can down with this horrible cold/allergy er both. All I could do was Tylonal, honey and lemon for the sore throat/cough. I was able to take Claritin and that helped with the runny nose. It's something to consider.

nancymoo said...

oh man, that's the worst, Michelle!! I was sick in April while I was preggers and I lived under a towel over my vicks vaporizer!! lots of steam and hot tea! I hope you feel better soon!!

Danielle said...

Congrats on the pregnancy. I do hope that all goes well and that its not to difficult on you. Just wanted to stop by from Mommy Blogs to show a little love.

I recently wrote a 2 part series about how much I hated being pregnant you should check it out.

Circus Daily said... to your blog and agree. Not being able to drug up while pregnant did suck. And it stays with you as long as you nurse.

And for me, the "take two Tylenol" mixed with a "get off your feet" was about as useless as my electric baby wipes heater. Which if you haven't already purchased one, save yourself the time and effort of not doing so.

I'm a new follower...;-)